Helping Publishers Transition to the Digital Age

The publishing industry is undergoing radical transformations.
If you wonder how to leverage your content to new media, such as
tablets, e-readers, and mobile devices, you are at right place.
We can help you transition to the digital age.
We provide consulting services at various levels:

  • Strategic: distinguish between buzz for new products and long term trends.
  • Training your Staff
  • Changing your workflow
  • Reorganizing your production
  • Understand and assess the new challenges

Our expertise is in XML applications for publishing. We have been contributing to
the design of XML and related standards, and we have been working for more than
two decades to transition publishing applications into XML.
We have been working mainly with government agencies as well as industries
to help them modernize their publication process.
We are therefore fully equipped to help commercial publishers move to the
era of digital publishing, understand how to get up to speed and play a major role in
today's market.
We provide strategic consulting as well as technical.