The U.S. Internal Revenue Service has long deployed Infoloom’s topic maps solutions to ensure the accuracy and speed with which the IRS can engage with individual taxpayers, tax professionals, small businesses, and with the world’s largest corporations.

Under Congressional oversight, the IRS was pressured to improve the accuracy of inquiries from the public in their call centers and looked for ways to group all the information relevant to given topics on one page. 

The IRS chose Infoloom for three reasons:

  1. Infoloom has pioneered the realm of knowledge management and is known for co-creating the ISO Topic Maps international standard for organizing data in a graph of interconnected topics, wherein each topic uniquely represents a subject, regardless of what that subject is called.
  2. The IRS required a solution that would be easy for its professionals to navigate. IRS experts could not be diverted by needing to produce new information, nor learn new technologies.

Infoloom met all IRS requirements by producing Tax Map, one version of which is now a publicly available website .

Tax Map is the antecedent of our Networker platform.

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